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July 2017

CHAKA, 1091 and TOURSKA have all been used during this season which has been well supported by enthusiasts and the public alike. CHAKA was the engine for trains on the Bus Rally Sunday which was very busy. TOURSKA's next scheduled work is the THOMAS weekend in September.

Justines boiler being prepared for transportation.

Work continues on JUSTINE which includes a new footplate and bottoms to the well tank amongst other refurbishments. A contractor for overhaul of the boiler has now been selected and is due to be transported on Monday 17th.

Also in the workshop, work has started on fitting the Wembley carriage with air pipes for the braking system and roofing material has been sourced and purchased.

The Simplex diesel has a busy time coming up with the two day Diesel gala at the end of this month and in August when we will be running trains on Wednesdays as well as Sundays, see YOUR VISIT for dates and times.

One of the wooden signal posts at California Crossing station has had to be removed, a victim of old age. Its temporarily replacement is a double dummy ground signal. There are plans to put up a metal post and return the two arms to use in due course.

The 'dummy' in situ before a repaint.

More time has been engaged on cutting back lineside growth, with very visible results. Needless to say this seems like a never ending task at this time of year. Also the 32mm layout has received a lot of improvements and is a always a great attraction for young and old alike.

The Timber yard on the 32mm Garden Railway.

Regular volunteers have also seen a great array of wildlife along our line, most of which is far to quick to photograph and includes Buzzards, circling Red Kites, Stoats, a shrew and some beautifully coloured, Moths.

Left a "Cinnabar moth" and Right a "Scarlet Tiger moth".

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