NEWS 2012

March 2012

The frame of the Gloucester carriage has been fitted with new floorboards, with locating slots cut in for the body. Consequently the body was moved back onto the frame and fitted well, with relatively minor adjustments. The bodywork will now be the focus of the woodworking team's efforts.

The Hunslet diesel was started up recently and has been used for shunting, though still requires more work to get it operating satisfactorily. The Ruston which was the reserve diesel loco has not been running as it should and is part dismantled for attention. Our older Ruston had an oil change and has been started up.

Both Justine and 1091 are ready for the boiler inspector's visit in the middle of March. They were successfully test steamed in late February. Off site, work is proceeding on the boiler of our third resident steam loco, Chaka, and the new firebox has now been ordered. All being well, the firebox will be completed in the summer.

Work has been carried out to replace the air brake fittings on the carriages and working locos and also renew air pipes where necessary.

Trackwork in the shed yard was completed during February, with road two fully resleepered.

The Permanent Way hut has been repainted internally, as well as receiving a concrete base. This will enable the floor to be put back and benches assembled, so it can be used as a Signal & Telegraph workshop .

Attention is being given to arrangements for our 50th anniversary commemorations, with publicity and invitations starting to be sent out. Saturday 6th October will be for invited guests only, our own shareholders and supporters, plus representatives of other organisations which have been associated with the Dowty RPS and North Gloucestershire Railway over the years. It is anticipated there will be two or maybe three visiting steam locos, plus other attractions. Sunday 7th October will be a public running day.

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