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NEWS 2011

December 2011

Rebuilding of the Gloucester carriage frame is proceeding very well, with the two long outside stretchers and the smaller inside replacement timbers cut and being slotted in. The router purchased for the job at a modest price has certainly proved its worth. New metalwork has been fabricated where necessary.

The Hunslet diesel has continued to receive a lot of attention. Replacement clutch plates were sourced and fitted amongst other items. It has been reassembled and started, but it became apparent that further adjustments are needed, and advice is being sought from other owners of this type of diesel.

Our boiler inspector has made a visual inspection of both Justine and 1091, with some relatively minor jobs needing to be done before the steam tests which will be carried out next year before the start of the running season.

Another task undertaken by the Tewkesbury gang has been replacement of the broken back piece on our GWR seat which resides on California platform during the running season.

It is intended to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the formation of the Dowty Railway Preservation Society on October 6 and 7, 2012. The first date will probably be for invited guests and the second a public operating day. We will be inviting anyone who was associated with the Ashchurch site, DRPS members, Princess Elizabeth Society and Great Western Society in particular, as well as other people from more recent times.

Meanwhile it is hoped to write up a history of the DRPS and the NGR. Much has happened in fifty years!

Photo P. A. Witts

On a very cold December day two of our members are dismantling number one shed road. Fishplates are first removed, followed by the dog spikes that hold the rails. The latter are then lifted clear and the old sleepers taken out and replaced. New holes are drilled in the sleepers, the rails realigned and spiked in. Chippings are tamped under the sleeper ends to the correct level and coarser ballast is built up around the ends and between the sleepers to keep the track in alignment.

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